There are many types of investments that can be made to secure and stimulate the growth of personal wealth. Many people invest in stocks, bonds, real estate, and commodities. These are the traditional investment vehicles used to capitalize on growing economies and industry. Investing in gold and silver is nothing new, but in recent years, many investors have flocked to the investment residing within precious metals.

Even so, one major investment continues to be overlooked but is rapidly being recognized as a critical builder of personal wealth and value. This investment, afforded only by right of citizenship, is to the absolute mineral wealth of the United States. Trillions of dollars in precious mineral value on federally owned land is reserved for citizen ownership. Many people are realizing the importance of acquiring these mineral rights and are declaring their ownership now, as the availability of such land is extremely limited.

The land claimed for federal ownership and public use has its limits, and no new lands are being obtained by our government. Due to this limit, the investment opportunity will soon be gone as the word gets out concerning the valuable ownership of mineral rights and the ability to recover precious metals for generations to come.

The World Gold Council provides excellent reports and summaries regarding gold demand and consumption. Here's a quote from their website under the "Why invest in gold" section:

"Demand for gold continues to outstrip supply. Jewellery and technology applications make up more than 50 per cent of demand, and most gold is bought in the world’s fastest-growing emerging markets. China and India account for more than half of all gold purchases, annually. Newly-mined gold can only meet about two-thirds of current global demand. In addition, central banks are no longer net sellers of gold, so the rest of the demand is currently fulfilled with recycled gold. With demographic and economic trends predicting increasing wealth and expanded populations in the world’s two largest gold markets, gold demand has the potential to continue rising."

The value of precious metals continues to climb. Many leading economists predict that the price of these minerals will continue to climb for the foreseeable future. Phenomenal global growth is increasing demand annually, and we simply can’t “create” more precious minerals like we can with other commodities. There’s only so much to go around, and those who own these resources over the long term are positioned to reap the rewards. The below 40 year and 15 year gold price charts from help paint the historic picture we are describing.

The earth’s inhabitants survive by consuming natural resources. Many of these resources can be reproduced, such as agriculture products and timber. Other resources, such as precious minerals, cannot be reproduced. We are bound forever to the available supply of these resources, and that supply has a definite limit.

The population of our planet is growing at an unbelievable pace. In just 50 years the population of the earth doubled from roughly 3 billion to over 6 billion people. This is an amazing rate of growth when compared to the history of our planet. This surge of growth is attributed to the advances in transportation, science, technology, agriculture, medicine, and economic infrastructure.

The United Nations and the US Census Bureau predict that the earth will continue to maintain this population growth, adding a billion new residents each decade. By 2050, the earth will be home to over 10 billion people. Gold as a resource cannot be manmade or reproduced, and population growth will place unprecedented demand on gold with no major advances in production to keep up with demand. The result of this demand has most investors believing that gold will easily reach $4,000-$5,000 per ounce by 2025.

The fundamentals of “supply and demand” vary considerably when inventory for certain resources, such as precious minerals, cannot be created or renewed. Scientists and engineers agree that we have yet to discover all of the valuable uses for many of the minerals on the earth.

This much we know is true: The existing demand for precious minerals already exceeds what we can produce, and this same population growth ensures that the incredible demand for precious minerals is going to increase with continued population growth (and) as the existing population enters their era of mass consumption.

Simply stated, people consume resources. These resources, especially precious minerals, will continue to absorb unprecedented demand with very limited supply. The global demand for precious minerals has led to the current increase in mineral values. Take a look at the below charts. This demand will continue to exist for the foreseeable future. Add to the current demand the consumption demands of billions of new inhabitants in the coming decades. There’s simply no way around it. Precious minerals must be recovered to support unstoppable global growth.

What do you think will happen with the value of precious minerals in coming years?

There are many ways to invest in precious minerals, mainly gold and silver. Mainstream investors purchase pure bullion; others invest in mutual funds which have positions in precious metals. Some people prefer to purchase stocks in mining companies with promising futures or profitable mining operations. One major investment remains as the most dynamic and rewarding investment possible: The ability to own the minerals in the ground -and- the ability to go out to your own mining claim and recover gold.

Investing in gold and silver and other precious metals comes with a significant price. Also included with that premium is risk. The most expensive investment you can make in gold is to purchase bullion. You will pay spot price for the metal plus a surcharge. Mutual funds and EFTs which also reserve positions in precious metals pay similar premiums. Next on the list of potential investments is the purchase of stock in mining companies. You may get the stock at a good price relative to earnings, but there is great risk in all aspects of owning a publicly held company in the lucrative world of mining.

The cheapest gold and silver you can invest in is that which remains in the ground. The cheapest way to obtain mineral wealth is to recover it on a Federal Mining Claim that you own. Gold recovery equipment is readily available and can be used by all ages and levels of experience.

The immense mineral wealth of this Nation remains within the very lands reserved for its citizens. Most Americans do not realize that they have the right to claim these mineral values for outright ownership. The law of the United States was written not only to protect this ownership right, but also afford the opportunity to recover the wealth within the ground and profit from it.

The outright ownership of mineral rights is the greatest single investment afforded to American citizens by the laws of our Nation. The value of gold as a mineral resource has unprecedented value when you have secured mineral rights and have the ability to recover those values.

Mineral rights on public lands, or "mining claims" as they are called, are deemed Real Property and are provided for and protected by Federal and State laws. As such, they represent a pure investment in the mineral resources of this country. The precious minerals upon the claim are owned by the claim owner, and they cannot be removed or disturbed for any reason without the consent of the owner. This investment stays with you and your family forever, so long as you complete the simple annual requirements needed to keep the claim in active status. As deeded property, mining claims can be distributed to family and friends, left as inheritance and listed specifically in estate planning documents, or sold for profit. They can be recreated upon, mined, and profited from. There is no risk. There are no shareholders to satisfy or premiums to pay.

The ownership of mineral rights upon a mining claim provides the most dynamic investment any American citizen can make.

Mining claims were created to afford citizens with the ability to remove precious minerals from public lands and make a profit from such operations. Some mining claim owners visit their claims for recreational prospecting only and have no desire to conduct mining operations. Others have a desire to conduct small or large scale mining operations in order to reap the full benefits of mining claim ownership on valuable mineral deposits. No matter the choice, the value of each mining claim resides within the unrecovered minerals remaining in the ground. The right to recover and own these minerals can be sold or leased to any other American citizen. The profits from mineral recovery and the sale of such rights remain with the claim owner so long as the claim remains in active status. Annual requirements are easy to meet by simply paying the Annual Maintenance Fee or submitting a Small Miner's Waiver/Affidavit of Assessment work. These simple requirements can be met through the mail, on the internet, or over the phone.

The owners of mining claims own an incredible investment, that is, the ability to recover precious and valuable minerals from their claim whenever they desire. Precious metals are already valuable and highly desirable. What will they be worth in 40 years when the population of the planet has doubled, along with the demand for precious minerals?

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