The 20-acre Aurora unpatented gold mining claim is located in the Klamath National Forest in Siskiyou County. This region in Northern California is highly noted for its gold bearing rivers, and the North Fork Salmon is at the top of the list. This federal mining claim offers the complete package of mining claim ownership and mineral recovery potential.

Perfectly secluded yet close to the comforts of established camping and the town of Etna. Absolutely gorgeous environment to enjoy recovering gold from over 1,300 feet of river, complete with big bends, low pressure areas, exposed bedrock and cracks, and massive gravel bars.

Aurora consumes over 1,300 feet of the gold rich North Fork Salmon River, a river highly coveted for its rich gold bearing gravels. Aurora has an incredible series of big bends, deep pools, and gravel bars.

Pictures don't come close to showing not only the beauty of the claim, but the endless opportunities to recover valuable minerals with ease due to the way the claim was set to take in the entire length of river. This portion of the river flows gently in the summer months and the crystal clear water creates a perfectly clear environment for prospecting activities.

The North Fork Salmon River has plenty of year round water to support prospecting activities. These photos were taken in June and August to show the water levels during prime prospecting months. In addition to the spring rains, the snow melting from the mountains easily doubles the size of the river during the early spring months.

This river, like all the big rivers in the area, flows hard in the spring and then slows down to a gentle current in the summer and fall months. It's an absolutely perfect environment for finding gold while enjoying the beauty of the National Forest. You won't find a more relaxing place to find gold.
It's an easy drive to Aurora. Located on a perfectly maintained Forest Service gravel road, the access to the claim does not require 4WD and it's perfectly situated camping area is off the road along the river. If camping on the claim is not desired, Idlewild Campground is just minutes away and offers RV camping spots and toilets. There's a pay phone there as well, it usually works!

Aurora is also about a half hour from Etna. Etna offers all the comforts needed to support activities within the forest. The town has a gas station and shop, hotels, banks, hardware stores, and a food store. These attributes make Aurora extremely desirable as most mining claims on these rich rivers are hours from towns and services. This photo to the left shows the access road as it leads up towards Aurora from Idlewild Campground. Perfect access. The photos below show Idlewild Campground, just minutes from Aurora.

The below maps and images shows the Aurora mining claim as it is plotted on the map. The claim takes in the maximum length of the river and provides over 1,300 feet of prospecting heaven. The access road can be seen on the left as it runs from Idlewild Campground up to Mule Bridge Campground (located just north of Aurora).

The map below shows the location of Aurora in relation to Idlewild Campground, Mule Bridge Campground, and the town of Etna. Take Saywers Bar Road out of Etna heading toward Sawyers Bar and the Forks of Salmon. As soon as you cross the bridge at Idlewild Campground (on the right), make a right up the Forest Service road towards Mule Bridge campground. Aurora is 1/4 mile below Mule Bridge Campground and you see the claim markers on the right side of the road. The camping area within Aurora is about halfway between the upstream and downstream claim boundaries.

Federal unpatented mining claim

Federal Serial #: CAMC 303630
BLM Fees: Paid through 1 Sept 2016
County Taxes: Paid through 30 June 2016

Terms: Purchase price of $16,000
Financing is available:
50% downpayment
50% paid over 36 months

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