Union Mining Group LLC and our partnership with Platform Placer LLC focuses on building a diverse gold recovery portfolio which operates both gravel and platform-based gold recovery operations. We also assist federal mining claim owners with the sale or lease of their mineral rights. The cheapest gold to own is the gold that is still in the ground, and owners of federally protected mining claims have the legal right to recover the mineral and produce profits.

The mineral wealth of the world has never been fully realized, and the value of unrecovered minerals far exceeds what has already been recovered. Many people own gold bearing land or the mineral rights on federal lands, but they simply donít understand the potential value or know how to go about fully realizing or recovering that value.

The act of mining has had a bad reputation in this country since mining began, mostly due to the way minerals were recovered in past generations. There are activist groups that demand mining operations cease to exist, yet they fail to realize how critical minerals are to our economy, our industries, and our way of life. There are responsible ways to conduct mining operations, and it is our goal to demonstrate these methods while executing our mining initiatives across our operation spectrum.

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